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How the Sugar Association’s genius PR campaign in 1976 changed the course of nutrition science

The 1970s did not start well for the Sugar Industry.

In December 1971, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) accused the Sugar Association (SA) of falsely advertising that eating sweets before meals helps people to reduce weight. SA was forced to run corrective advertisements because the ads’ weight reduction claims were false and misleading.
Three years later, a spike in the price of sucrose caused the FTC to investigate the sugar industry for collusion

In 1972 Dr. Atkins’s hugely successful Diet Revolution book caused a major…

The woman who introduced the concept of calorie counting to the world.

Dr. Lulu Hunt Peters’s 1918 classic, “Diet and Health; With Key to the Calorie” introduced the concept of counting calories to the world. The book sold over a staggering 2 million copies. It stayed on non-fiction best-seller lists for more than four years across North America, elevating the book into a culture-changing status.

Dr. Peters graduated in medicine from west coast Berkeley among the first women across the country as a doctor of medicine, and within 10 years — thanks to her revolutionary ideas — she became the…

How Nutritional Science turned us into food bigots

Don’t you find it ironic that western nutritional science knows so much about calories, good cholesterol, bad cholesterol, good card bad carbs, the right omega 3’s, and omega 6’s ratio, GI index, ketosis, keto diet, paleo diet, autophagy, etc. you name it? We do our absolute best to stay thin and healthy, we are counting calories, listening to dietitians, tracking data on apps, following the regularly updated food pyramid

Yet 80% of the US population is either overweight or obese and only 12% is metabolically healthy. It’s very obvious Western societies need…

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